Vacuum Insulated Flask

Vacuum Insulated Flask

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This is a vacuum insulated water bottle. Made of premium stainless steel material, the bottle is durable, non-toxic, anti-rust and hermetic. Beautiful pattern and creative cola shape design make it a wonderful gift for your families and friends, or even self use.


- Color: Water blue.
- Material: Stainless steel, PP, PC and Silicone.
- Size: Approx. 7 x 27 cm.
- Capacity: 500ml.
- Insulated Time: 24h.
- Made of premium stainless steel, non-toxic, anti-rust and hermetic.
- Smooth bottle edge, no harm to your mouth.
- Antislip design at the bottom, stable to stand.
- Vacuum water bottle features insulated, suitable for daily use.
- Beautiful pattern and creative cola shape design, suitable for self use or presenting.